Anaflow subpackage providing miscellaneous tools.


laplace Anaflow subpackage providing functions concerning the laplace transformation.
mean Anaflow subpackage providing several mean calculating routines.
special Anaflow subpackage providing special functions.
coarse_graining Anaflow subpackage providing helper functions related to coarse graining.


Annular mean

Functions to calculate dimension dependent annular means of a function.

annular_fmean(func, val_arr, f_def, f_inv[, …]) Calculating the annular generalized f-mean.
annular_amean(func, val_arr[, ann_dim, arg_dict]) Calculating the annular arithmetic mean.
annular_gmean(func, val_arr[, ann_dim, arg_dict]) Calculating the annular geometric mean.
annular_hmean(func, val_arr[, ann_dim, arg_dict]) Calculating the annular harmonic mean.
annular_pmean(func, val_arr[, p, ann_dim, …]) Calculating the annular p-mean.

Coarse Graining solutions

Effective Coarse Graining conductivity/transmissivity solutions.

T_CG(rad, trans_gmean, var, len_scale[, …]) The coarse-graining Transmissivity.
K_CG(rad, cond_gmean, var, len_scale, anis) The coarse-graining conductivity.
TPL_CG(rad, cond_gmean, len_scale, hurst[, …]) The gaussian truncated power-law coarse-graining conductivity.


Special functions.

step_f(rad, r_part, f_part) Callalbe step function.
specialrange(val_min, val_max, steps[, typ]) Calculation of special point ranges.
specialrange_cut(val_min, val_max, steps[, …]) Calculation of special point ranges.
neuman2004_trans(rad, trans_gmean, var, …) The apparent transmissivity from Neuman 2004.
aniso(e) The anisotropy function.


Helping functions related to the laplace-transformation

get_lap(func[, arg_dict]) Callable Laplace transform.
get_lap_inv(func[, method, method_dict, …]) Callable Laplace inversion.