GeoStatTools is a library providing geostatistical tools for random field generation, conditioned field generation, kriging and variogram estimation based on a list of provided or even user-defined covariance models.

The following functionalities are directly provided on module-level.


covmodel GStools subpackage providing a set of handy covariance models.
field GStools subpackage providing tools for spatial random fields.
variogram GStools subpackage providing tools for estimating and fitting variograms.
krige GStools subpackage providing kriging.
random GStools subpackage for random number generation.
tools GStools subpackage providing miscellaneous tools.
transform GStools subpackage providing transformations.


Spatial Random Field

Class for random field generation

SRF(model[, mean, upscaling, generator]) A class to generate spatial random fields (SRF).

Covariance Base-Class

Class to construct user defined covariance models

CovModel([dim, var, len_scale, nugget, …]) Base class for the GSTools covariance models.

Covariance Models

Standard Covariance Models

Gaussian([dim, var, len_scale, nugget, …]) The Gaussian covariance model.
Exponential([dim, var, len_scale, nugget, …]) The Exponential covariance model.
Matern([dim, var, len_scale, nugget, anis, …]) The Matérn covariance model.
Rational([dim, var, len_scale, nugget, …]) The rational quadratic covariance model.
Stable([dim, var, len_scale, nugget, anis, …]) The stable covariance model.
Linear([dim, var, len_scale, nugget, anis, …]) The bounded linear covariance model.
Circular([dim, var, len_scale, nugget, …]) The circular covariance model.
Spherical([dim, var, len_scale, nugget, …]) The Spherical covariance model.
Intersection([dim, var, len_scale, nugget, …]) The Intersection covariance model.

Truncated Power Law Covariance Models

TPLGaussian([dim, var, len_scale, nugget, …]) Truncated-Power-Law with Gaussian modes.
TPLExponential([dim, var, len_scale, …]) Truncated-Power-Law with Exponential modes.
TPLStable([dim, var, len_scale, nugget, …]) Truncated-Power-Law with Stable modes.



Routines to export fields to the vtk format

vtk_export(filename, pos, fields[, mesh_type]) Export a field to vtk.
vtk_export_structured(filename, pos, fields) Export a field to vtk structured rectilinear grid file.
vtk_export_unstructured(filename, pos, fields) Export a field to vtk unstructured grid file.
to_vtk(pos, fields[, mesh_type]) Create a VTK/PyVista grid.
to_vtk_structured(pos, fields) Create a vtk structured rectilinear grid from a field.
to_vtk_unstructured(pos, fields) Export a field to vtk structured rectilinear grid file.

variogram estimation

Estimate the variogram of a given field

vario_estimate_structured(field[, …]) Estimates the variogram on a regular grid.
vario_estimate_unstructured(pos, field, …) Estimates the variogram on a unstructured grid.