Tools for ogs5py output files (independent from VTK package).

get_output_files(task_root, task_id, pcs=None, typ='VTK', element=None)[source]

Get a list of output file paths.

  • task_root (string) – string containing the path to the directory containing the ogs output
  • task_id (string) – string containing the file name of the ogs task without extension
  • pcs (string or None, optional) –

    specify the PCS type that should be collected Possible values are:

    • None/”” (no PCS_TYPE specified in *.out)
    • ”NO_PCS”
    • ”AIR_FLOW”
    • ”PS_GLOBAL”

    Default : None

  • typ (string, optional) – Type of the output (“VTK”, “PVD”, “TEC_POINT” or “TEC_POLYLINE”). Default : “VTK”
  • element (string or None, optional) – For tecplot output you can specify the name of the output element. (Point-name of Line-name from GLI file) Default: None

Read a paraview pvd file.

Convert all concerned files to a dictionary containing their data.

split_ply_path(infile, task_id=None, line_name=None, PCS_name=None, split_extra=False)[source]

Retrive ogs-infos from filename for tecplot-polyline output.


split_pnt_path(infile, task_id=None, pnt_name=None, PCS_name=None, split_extra=False, guess_PCS=False)[source]

Retrive ogs-infos from filename for tecplot-polyline output.