pykrige.kriging_tools.read_asc_grid(filename, footer=0)[source]

Reads ASCII grid file (*.asc).

  • filename (str) – Name of *.asc file.

  • footer (int, optional) – Number of lines at bottom of *.asc file to skip.


  • grid_array (numpy array, shape (M, N)) – (M, N) array of grid values, where M is number of Y-coordinates and N is number of X-coordinates. The array entry corresponding to the lower-left coordinates is at index [M, 0], so that the array is oriented as it would be in X-Y space.

  • x (numpy array, shape (N,)) – 1D array of N X-coordinates.

  • y (numpy array, shape (M,)) – 1D array of M Y-coordinates.

  • CELLSIZE (tuple or float) – Either a two-tuple of (x-cell size, y-cell size), or a float that specifies the uniform cell size.

  • NODATA (float) – Value that specifies which entries are not actual data.