ogs5py.reader.readpvd(task_root='.', task_id=None, pcs='ALL', single_file=None)[source]

Read a paraview pvd file.

Convert all concerned files to a dictionary containing their data.

the Filename of the pvd is structured the following way: {task_id}[_{PCS}].pvd thereby the “_{PCS}” is optional and just present if a PCS_TYPE is specified in the *.out file

  • task_root (string, optional) – string containing the path to the directory containing the ogs output Default : “.”

  • task_id (string, optional) – string containing the file name of the ogs task without extension Default : None

  • pcs (string or None, optional) – specify the PCS type that should be collected Possible values are:

    • None/”” (no PCS_TYPE specified in *.out)

    • “NO_PCS”




    • “AIR_FLOW”


    • “PS_GLOBAL”







    You can get a list with all known PCS-types by setting PCS=”ALL” Default : None

  • single_file (string or None, optional) – If you want to read just a single file, you can set the path here. Default : None


result – keys are the point names and the items are the data from the corresponding files if pcs=”ALL”, the output is a dictionary with the PCS-types as keys

Return type: