Tools for the ogs5py package.


Output(file_or_name[, print_log])

A class to duplicate an output stream to stdout.

Geometric tools

rotate_points(points, angle[, ...])

Rotate points around a given rotation point and axis with a given angle.

shift_points(points, vector)

Shift points with a given vector.

transform_points(points, xyz_func, **kwargs)

Transform points with a given function "xyz_func".

hull_deform(x_in, y_in, z_in[, niv_top, ...])

Providing a transformation function to deform a given mesh.

rotation_matrix(vector, angle)

Create a rotation matrix.

volume(typ, *pnt)

Volume of a OGS5 Meshelement.

centroid(typ, *pnt)

Centroid of a OGS5 Meshelement.

Array tools

unique_rows(data[, decimals, fast])

Unique made row-data with respect to given precision.

replace(arr, inval, outval)

Replace values of 'arr'.

by_id(array[, ids])

Return a flattend array side-by-side with the array-element ids.

specialrange(val_min, val_max, steps[, typ])

Calculation of special point ranges.

generate_time(time_array[, time_start, ...])

Return a dictionary for the ".tim" file.