Source code for ogs5py.fileclasses.asc.core

# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
"""Class for the ogs ASC file."""
from ogs5py.fileclasses.base import LineFile

[docs]class ASC(LineFile): """ Class for the ogs ASC file. Parameters ---------- lines : list of str, optional content of the file as a list of lines Default: None name : str, optional name of the file without extension Default: "textfile" task_root : str, optional Path to the destiny folder. Default: cwd+"ogs5model" task_id : str, optional Name for the ogs task. (a place holder) Default: "model" Notes ----- This is just handled as a line-wise file. You can access the data by line with: ASC.lines This file type comes either from .tim .pcs or .gem """ def __init__(self, **OGS_Config): super().__init__(**OGS_Config) self.file_ext = ".asc"