Source code for ogs5py.fileclasses.mpd.core

# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
"""Class for the ogs MEDIUM_PROPERTIES_DISTRIBUTED file."""
from ogs5py.fileclasses.base import BlockFile

[docs]class MPD(BlockFile): """ Class for the ogs MEDIUM_PROPERTIES_DISTRIBUTED file. Parameters ---------- name : str, optional File name for the MPD file. If :class:`None`, the task_id is used. Default: :class:`None` file_ext : :class:`str`, optional extension of the file (with leading dot ".mpd") Default: ".mpd" task_root : str, optional Path to the destiny model folder. Default: cwd+"ogs5model" task_id : str, optional Name for the ogs task. Default: "model" Notes ----- Main-Keywords (#): - MEDIUM_PROPERTIES_DISTRIBUTED Sub-Keywords ($) per Main-Keyword: - MEDIUM_PROPERTIES_DISTRIBUTED - MSH_TYPE - MMP_TYPE - DIS_TYPE - CONVERSION_FACTOR - DATA Standard block: None Keyword documentation: Reading routines: See Also -------- add_block """ MKEYS = ["MEDIUM_PROPERTIES_DISTRIBUTED"] # sorted SKEYS = [["MSH_TYPE", "MMP_TYPE", "DIS_TYPE", "CONVERSION_FACTOR", "DATA"]] STD = {} def __init__(self, name=None, file_ext=".mpd", **OGS_Config): super().__init__(**OGS_Config) = name self.file_ext = file_ext # no top comment allowed in the MPD file @property def top_com(self): """Top comment is 'None' for the MPD file.""" return None @top_com.setter def top_com(self, val): pass