ogs5py.tools.script.gen_script(ogs_class, script_dir='/home/docs/checkouts/readthedocs.org/user_builds/ogs5py/checkouts/stable/docs/source/ogs_script', script_name='model.py', ogs_cls_name='model', task_root=None, task_id=None, output_dir=None, separate_files=None)[source]

Generate a python script for the given model.

  • ogs_class (OGS) – model class to be converted to a script

  • script_dir (str) – target directory for the script

  • script_name (str) – name for the script file (including .py ending)

  • ogs_cls_name (str) – name of the model in the script

  • task_root (str) – used task_root in the script

  • task_id (str) – used task_id in the script

  • output_dir (str) – used output_dir in the script

  • separate_files (list of str or None) – list of files, that should be written to separate files and then loaded from the script


This will only create BlockFiles from the script. GLI and MSH files as well as every listed or line-wise file will be stored separately.