ogs5py.tools.tools.generate_time(time_array, time_start=0, factors=1, is_diff=False)[source]

Return a dictionary for the “.tim” file.

  • time_array (array-like) – Input time. will be flattened. Either time step sizes for each step, (is_diff=True) or an array of time-points.

  • time_start (float, optional) – Starting point for time stepping. Default: 0

  • factors (int or array-like, optional) – Repeating factors for each time step. Default: 1

  • is_diff (bool, optional) – State if the given time array contains only the step size for each step. Default: False


dict – keys: {“TIME_START”, “TIME_END”, “TIME_STEPS”}

Return type:

input dict for “.tim”.