ogs5py.tools.tools.hull_deform(x_in, y_in, z_in, niv_top=10.0, niv_bot=0.0, func_top=None, func_bot=None, direction='z')[source]

Providing a transformation function to deform a given mesh.

Transformation is in a given direction by a self defined hull-functions z = func(x, y). Could be used with transform_mesh and transform_points.

  • x_in (ndarray) – Array of the x-positions

  • y_in (ndarray) – Array of the y-positions

  • z_in (ndarray) – Array of the z-positions

  • niv_top (float) – height of the top niveau to be deformed by func_top

  • niv_bot (float) – height of the bottom niveau to be deformed by func_bot

  • func_top (function or float) – function deforming the top niveau: z_top = func_top(x, y)

  • func_bot (function or float) – function deforming the bottom niveau: z_bot = func_bot(x, y)

  • direction (string, optional) – defining the direction of deforming. This direction will be used as z-value. Default: “z”


x_out, y_out, z_out – transformed arrays

Return type: