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welltestpy provides a framework to handle, process, plot and analyse data from well based field campaigns.


You can install the latest version with the following command:

pip install welltestpy

Or from conda

conda install -c conda-forge welltestpy

Documentation for welltestpy

You can find the documentation including tutorials and examples under https://welltestpy.readthedocs.io.

Citing welltestpy

If you are using this package you can cite our Groundwater publication by:

Müller, S., Leven, C., Dietrich, P., Attinger, S. and Zech, A. (2021): How to Find Aquifer Statistics Utilizing Pumping Tests? Two Field Studies Using welltestpy. Groundwater, https://doi.org/10.1111/gwat.13121

To cite the code, please visit the Zenodo page.

Provided Subpackages

welltestpy.data      # Subpackage to handle data from field campaigns
welltestpy.estimate  # Subpackage to estimate field parameters
welltestpy.process   # Subpackage to pre- and post-process data
welltestpy.tools     # Subpackage with tools for plotting and triagulation



You can contact us via info@geostat-framework.org.