triangulate(distances, prec, all_pos=False)[source]

Triangulate points by given distances.

try to triangulate points by given distances within a symmetric matrix ‘distances’ with distances[i,j] = |pi-pj|

thereby p0 will be set to the origin (0,0) and p1 to (|p0-p1|,0)

  • distances (numpy.ndarray) – Given distances among the point to be triangulated. It hat to be a symmetric matrix with a vanishing diagonal and

    distances[i,j] = |pi-pj|

    If a distance is unknown, you can set it to -1.

  • prec (float) – Given Precision to be used within the algorithm. This can be used to smooth away measure errors

  • all_pos (bool, optional) – If True all possible constellations will be calculated. Otherwise, the first possibility will be returned. Default: False