plot_well_pos(well_const, names=None, title='', filename=None, plot_well_names=True, ticks_set='auto', fig=None, style='WTP')[source]

Plot all well constellations and label the points with the names.

  • well_const (list) – List of well constellations.

  • names (list of str, optional) – Names for the wells. The default is None.

  • title (str, optional) – Plot title. The default is “”.

  • filename (str, optional) – Filename if the result should be saved. The default is None.

  • plot_well_names (bool, optional) – Whether to plot the well-names. The default is True.

  • ticks_set (int or str, optional) – Tick spacing in the plot. The default is “auto”.

  • fig (Figure, optional) – Matplotlib figure to plot on. The default is None.

  • style (str, optional) – Plot style. The default is “WTP”.


fig – The created matplotlib figure.

Return type