welltestpy subpackage providing miscellaneous tools.

Included functions

The following functions are provided for point triangulation

triangulate(distances, prec[, all_pos])

Triangulate points by given distances.


Get the symmetrized version of a lower or upper triangle-matrix A.

The following plotting routines are provided

campaign_plot(campaign[, select_test, fig, ...])

Plot an overview of the tests within the campaign.

fadeline(ax, x, y[, label, color, steps])

Fading line for matplotlib.

plot_well_pos(well_const[, names, title, ...])

Plot all well constellations and label the points with the names.

campaign_well_plot(campaign[, plot_tests, ...])

Plot of the well constellation within the campaign.

plotfit_transient(setup, data, para, rad, ...)

Plot of transient estimation fitting.

plotfit_steady(setup, data, para, rad, ...)

Plot of steady estimation fitting.

plotparainteract(result, paranames[, ...])

Plot of parameter interaction.

plotparatrace(result[, parameternames, ...])

Plot of parameter trace.

plotsensitivity(paralabels, sensitivities[, ...])

Plot of sensitivity results.

diagnostic_plot_pump_test(observation, rate)

Plot the derivative with the original data.