ext_grf_steady(rad, r_ref, conductivity, dim=2, lat_ext=1.0, rate=-0.0001, h_ref=0.0, arg_dict=None, **kwargs)[source]

The extended “General radial flow” model for steady flow.

The general radial flow (GRF) model by Barker introduces an arbitrary dimension for radial groundwater flow. We introduced the possibility to define radial dependet conductivity.

This solution is based on the grf model presented in [Barker88].

  • rad (numpy.ndarray) – Array with all radii where the function should be evaluated

  • r_ref (float) – Radius of the reference head.

  • conductivity (float or callable) – Conductivity. Either callable function taking kwargs or float.

  • dim (float, optional) – Fractional dimension of the aquifer. Default: 2.0

  • lat_ext (float, optional) – Lateral extend of the aquifer. Default: 1.0

  • rate (float, optional) – Pumpingrate at the well. Default: -1e-4

  • h_ref (float, optional) – Reference head at the reference-radius r_ref. Default: 0.0

  • arg_dict (dict or None, optional) – Keyword-arguments given as a dictionary that are forwarded to the conductivity function. Will be merged with **kwargs. This is designed for overlapping keywords in grf_steady and conductivity. Default: None

  • **kwargs – Keyword-arguments that are forwarded to the conductivity function. Will be merged with arg_dict


Array with all heads at the given radii and time-points.

Return type




Barker, J. ‘’A generalized radial flow model for hydraulic tests in fractured rock.’’, Water Resources Research 24.10, 1796-1804, 1988