Anaflow subpackage providing special functions.

The following functions are provided

Shaper([time, rad, struc_grid])

A class to reshape radius-time input-output in a good way.

step_f(rad, r_part, f_part)

Callalbe step function.


Surface of the d-dimensional sphere.

specialrange(val_min, val_max, steps[, typ])

Calculation of special point ranges.

specialrange_cut(val_min, val_max, steps[, ...])

Calculation of special point ranges.


The anisotropy function.

well_solution(time, rad, storage, transmissivity)

The classical Theis solution.

grf_solution(time, rad, storage, conductivity)

The general radial flow (GRF) model for a pumping test.

inc_gamma(s, x)

The (upper) incomplete gamma function.

tpl_hyp(rad, dim, hurst, corr, prop)

Hyp_2F1 for the TPL CG model.

neuman2004_trans(rad, trans_gmean, var, ...)

The apparent transmissivity from Neuman 2004.