T_CG(rad, trans_gmean, var, len_scale, T_well=None, prop=1.6)[source]

The coarse-graining Transmissivity.

This solution was presented in ‘’Schneider & Attinger 2008’’[R3].

This functions gives an effective transmissivity for 2D pumpingtests in heterogenous aquifers, where the transmissivity is following a log-normal distribution and a gaussian correlation function.

  • rad (numpy.ndarray) – Array with all radii where the function should be evaluated

  • trans_gmean (float) – Geometric-mean transmissivity.

  • var (float) – Variance of log-transmissivity.

  • len_scale (float) – Correlation-length of log-transmissivity.

  • T_well (float, optional) – Explicit transmissivity value at the well. Harmonic mean by default.

  • prop (float, optional) – Proportionality factor used within the upscaling procedure. Default: 1.6


T_CG – Array containing the effective transmissivity values.

Return type




Schneider, C. and Attinger, S., ‘’Beyond thiem: A new method for interpreting large scale pumping tests in heterogeneous aquifers.’’ Water resources research, 44(4), 2008


>>> T_CG([1,2,3], 0.001, 1, 10, 2)
array([0.00061831, 0.00064984, 0.00069236])