specialrange_cut(val_min, val_max, steps, val_cut=None, typ='exp')[source]

Calculation of special point ranges.

Calculation of special point ranges with a cut-off value.

  • val_min (float) – Starting value.

  • val_max (float) – Ending value

  • steps (int) – Number of steps.

  • val_cut (float, optional) – Cutting value, if val_max is bigger than this value, the last interval will be between val_cut and val_max. Default: 100.0

  • typ (str or float, optional) – Setting the kind of range-distribution. One can choose between

    • "exp": for exponential behavior

    • "log": for logarithmic behavior

    • "geo": for geometric behavior

    • "lin": for linear behavior

    • "quad": for quadratic behavior

    • "cub": for cubic behavior

    • float: here you can specifi any exponent (“quad” would be equivalent to 2)

    Default: "exp"


Array containing the special range

Return type



>>> specialrange_cut(1,10,4)
array([ 1.        ,  2.53034834,  5.23167968, 10.        ])