GStools subpackage providing a set of handy covariance models.



GStools subpackage providing plotting routines for the covariance models.

Covariance Base-Class

Class to construct user defined covariance models

CovModel([dim, var, len_scale, nugget, ...])

Base class for the GSTools covariance models.

Covariance Models

Standard Covariance Models

Gaussian([dim, var, len_scale, nugget, ...])

The Gaussian covariance model.

Exponential([dim, var, len_scale, nugget, ...])

The Exponential covariance model.

Matern([dim, var, len_scale, nugget, anis, ...])

The Matérn covariance model.

Integral([dim, var, len_scale, nugget, ...])

The Exponential Integral covariance model.

Stable([dim, var, len_scale, nugget, anis, ...])

The stable covariance model.

Rational([dim, var, len_scale, nugget, ...])

The rational quadratic covariance model.

Cubic([dim, var, len_scale, nugget, anis, ...])

The Cubic covariance model.

Linear([dim, var, len_scale, nugget, anis, ...])

The bounded linear covariance model.

Circular([dim, var, len_scale, nugget, ...])

The circular covariance model.

Spherical([dim, var, len_scale, nugget, ...])

The Spherical covariance model.

HyperSpherical([dim, var, len_scale, ...])

The Hyper-Spherical covariance model.

SuperSpherical([dim, var, len_scale, ...])

The Super-Spherical covariance model.

JBessel([dim, var, len_scale, nugget, anis, ...])

The J-Bessel hole model.

Truncated Power Law Covariance Models

TPLGaussian([dim, var, len_scale, nugget, ...])

Truncated-Power-Law with Gaussian modes.

TPLExponential([dim, var, len_scale, ...])

Truncated-Power-Law with Exponential modes.

TPLStable([dim, var, len_scale, nugget, ...])

Truncated-Power-Law with Stable modes.

TPLSimple([dim, var, len_scale, nugget, ...])

The simply truncated power law model.